Full Program of the VI WCDANM 2019 here: Program

Brief Program:

  • Thursday (June 27 th)

13:30-14:00| Registration
14:00-14:15| Open Ceremony
14:15-15:00| Plenary Session: Numerical Methods for Fractional Optimal Control ProblemsDelfim Torres, Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, Portugal
15:00-15:45| Plenary Session:  Approximations for Extremes and Bounds for the Reliability of Large Systems, Ivette Gomes, Department of Statistics and Operational Research, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa, Portugal
15:45-16:00| Coffee Break and Poster Session
16:00-17:00| Parallel Sessions
17:30| Welcome Reception at the City Hall

  • Friday (June 28 th)

08:30-9:00| Registration
09:00-10:00| Parallel Sessions
10:00-10:45| Plenary Session: Computational modeling, analysis and numerical methods for biological, bio-inspired and engineering systemsPadmanabhan Seshaiyer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, George Mason University, USA
10:45-11:00| Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:00-11:30| Roud table about special issues in scientific journals: Milan Stehlik (Associate Editor)
11:30-12:45| Parallel Sessions
12:45-14:00| Lunch
14:00 – 18:00| Social Program
20:30| Conference Dinner

  • Saturday (June 29 th)

09:00-9:30| Registration
09:30-10:30| Parallel Sessions
10:30-11:15| Plenary Session: Mathematical Discovery of Natural Laws in Biomedical Sciences: A New Methodology with Application to the Effects of Primary Tumor and Its Resection on MetastasesLeonid Hanin, Department of Mathematical and Statistics, Idaho State University, USA
11:15-11:30| Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:30-12:45| Parallel Sessions
12:45-14:00| Lunch
14:00-15:00| Parallel Sessions
15:00-15:15| Coffee Break and Poster Session
15:15| Closing Ceremony